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Alexander Buitron, a former US Army Scout Sniper with newly acquired CS skills, an insatiable intellectual curiosity, and the ability to mine hidden gems located within large sets of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Able to leverage a heavy dose of mathematics, computer science, and applied statistics with visualization and a healthy sense of exploration.

After the Army I went to the University of Southern California where I received a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship. During my time at USC I started various businesses which I solely managed, created various successful ad campaigns on Facebook for, and increased valuations enough that it attracted investors. I ended up selling those businesses for hansom profits. Immediately after graduation, I was hired to manage a 3rd party logistics warehouse.

Currently, I work as a Senior Systems and Cloud engineer. My experience extends from developing Machine Learning models in Data Science, safeguarding closed Networks with Cyber Security methods, building fully functional data gathering Websites, to building robust data driven proprietary software. I am continuously educating myself in many things Tech related and am always looking for another project to complete. If you have a project in mind, please feel free to send me an inquiry using the form below, thank you :).

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Glamorous Ladies and Data

Custom multi-threaded Django web application

A completely custom multi-threaded Django web application build for a lovely organization called GLAD which utilizes Heroku + Amazon AWS + postgreSQL.

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NBA final W

Dockerized machine learning browser application that predicts final NBA team win count.

A Dockerized Container application that utilizes Machine Learning under the hood to analyze 21 years of historical NBA data and predicts the final amount of Wins each team will have at the end of the regular season.

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Sauvignon Blanc Optimizer

Application built to analyze climate and soil properties for optimal SB grape growth

A Heroku hosted web application utilizing Python's Flask framework and various Javascript Libraries such as D3, and Leaflet in order to produce dynamic analytical graphs and a world map to indicate the optimal locations worldwide for the production of Sauvignon Blanc wine.

Collected relevant environmental data from SoilGrids and World Weather Online API RESTful request calls. I also collected data from Wine Enthusiast Magazine's filtered search queries by using Python's Splinter package as a web crawler to navigate through the various pages while using Python's Beautiful Soup package to grab the data by parsing through their markup.

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Mission to Mars

An app that webcrawls the internet to scrape Mars data and consolidate it into one webpage

A Python Flask app using a web-crawling package called Splinter to programmatically traverse the web and scrape data from relevant, Mars oriented, websites. The data is then propagated into a MongoDB NoSQL database for storage and retrieved via a HTTP Get request to be displayed on a gorgeous webpage.

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Lucas the Web Developer

Sample Django blog/portfolio/Github repo API REST Request web application

to enter this website use the password: letmeinalready at the landing page.

A sample web application built to demonstrate my full-stack web development ability. This website was built from the ground up using Python's Django as the MVC framework, Heroku as the application runtime hosting server, AWS S3 as the CDN to deliver static files and images to the application, PostgreSQL as the SQL database used to store data collected by the application, HTML, CSS, and various JavaScript libraries.

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